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7 reasons to study Spanish at the World Language Institute

Individual Attention

Study Spanish 1-on-1 or as part of a very small group, so you learn faster and make the most of your time. Personalized Syllabus: Your Spanish classes and syllabus will be adapted and customized according to your specific needs and abilities, so that you focus on learning what matters to you most.

Flexible Teaching Methods

Every student has different needs so our teachers will work with you.  You’re different from all our other students and your teacher will work with you to choose the right kind of instruction and activities to suit your own learning style.

Fun and Dynamic Classes

Your teacher will be using a variety of activities and games, designed to keep things lively and interesting and get you practicing your Spanish.

Immersion Programs

Join the FREE Spanish meet-up group or let us tap into our contacts to organize a great overseas learning experience for you in the Spanish-speaking country of your choice.

Native Teachers

Learn Spanish as it is used and spoken by native speakers. Become familiar with the culture and prepare yourself to make a great impression in the Spanish-speaking world.

Great Atmosphere

Feel right at home and make solid progress with your Spanish studies, in the hands of our professional, yet very friendly, staff.


And in case you needed one more reason to study Spanish at the World Language Institute, remember: Your success is our success, and your friends and colleagues are our future students. That is your best guarantee! Contact us today.

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Learn Spanish now !

New to Spanish? Want to improve your language skills?

Whether you need to be able to communicate effectively at a top business conference, plan to go exploring ancient ruins in the middle of the South-American jungle, or simply want to learn this lovely and ever more popular language for the pure joy of it, we’ve got the right Spanish course for you.

Choose one of the programs below, designed for semi-private (up to 4 students) and group classes (average of 8 students). Alternatively, let us know what you’re after and we’ll put together a private Spanish course, completely customized to suit your needs. Classes can be held at our premises, or at your home, office, or any other convenient location, even over Skype!

We offer:

Introduction to Spanish

This course will teach you basic pronunciation, greetings, introductions, numbers, colors, simple verbs and other basic concepts. Learn the foundations of the Spanish Language (or brush up on your knowledge) and get off to a flying start!

Brush-Up-Your-Spanish Crash Course

Shake off the rust, oil your gears and get your Spanish back on track! Quickly regain your confidence before an upcoming business trip, job interview, vacation or special event in your life with this course that can be tailored to your own particular needs.

Spanish for Specific Purposes

 Make the most of your contact hours and learn the Spanish that will be most useful for your job or your particular situation. These courses are aimed at individuals and small groups, and the syllabus will be designed according to your specific needs. Ideal for doctors, nurses, lawyers, oil and gas professionals, teachers, international test preparation and so on. Tell us what you want to achieve!.

General Spanish

Learn to introduce yourself and talk about yourself, your family and your interests. Feel comfortable communicating in Spanish at restaurants, markets, museums and more. Socialize with friends and relatives and be able to talk about current events and common topics. This course will give you a practical working knowledge of Spanish that you can put to good use in variety of everyday situations!

Business Spanish

Learn to maneuver with confidence in the Spanish-speaking business world. The Business Spanish course can be tailored to your needs and will focus on the general structure of the Spanish language and on the specific vocabulary, phrases and situations you will encounter in your field. We will teach you to communicate effectively in meetings, presentations, negotiations and other typical business situations, as well as on the phone, via email, and by means of formal, well-written letters. And just as important as learning the language itself, you will also get a special insight into the different ways culture may have an effect on your results when you do business with people from Spanish-speaking countries.

Test Preparation

Take the stress out of your studying and prepare to tackle your Spanish Proficiency exams with confidence. Our teachers will guide you and help you master the Spanish skills you need to excel at any kind of test, including DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera), SAT Subject Test in Spanish, BTLPT( Bilingual Language Proficiency Test) and more.

Tourism Spanish

Get ready to dive into the Hispanic culture and make the most of your travels abroad! This course will bring you up to speed with the vocabulary and phrases you will need to communicate in typical holiday situations (and unexpected ones too). Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need to refresh your Spanish, we’ll help you prepare for your trip and give you the language skills you need to get around and break the ice with the locals.

Conversation Sessions

Build confidence and fluency, and develop your oral communications skills in a wide variety of topics! These conversation sessions are designed to help you reinforce what you already know, learn new vocabulary and take your Spanish to the next level!

Contact us today and we’ll help you pick the right course for you. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll put it together!

People interested in this service must be interviewed and take an assessment. Please make an appointment by calling 713.965.4455 , email us at: info@world-language-institute.com or contact us.

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What’s it like to learn Spanish at the World Language Institute?

Read through the following testimonials and see what people from all walks of life have to say about their experience. This is where we step aside and let our students do the talking.



This was my first experience with a foreign language since high school, where I had only taken German. I wanted to learn the Spanish language to be able to have small conversations with my Latin American friends, and for a fun worthwhile learning experience. Starting from the very basics of learning the alphabet to now conjugating verbs in multiple tenses, Marcela has made this experience better than I could have expected. She tailors the learning environment to you, providing exercises that teach, along with forming a fun and enjoyable conversation.


During my class lessons and exercises, she will notice the areas in which I struggle. She then explains the idea for me in as many different ways as it takes to grasp the concept. She provides extra examples expressing and reinforcing the main idea.


In my classes, I feel absolutely free to express myself in our conversations and in the learning activities, along with what I want to achieve from my language classes. If a person wants to learn the Spanish language in a friendly, fun and effective way, I would recommend Marcela and my experience to anyone.

Jonathan Jarvis



As an international Financial Advisor, it is vital that I communicate clearly with clients. Marcela worked with me twice a week for nearly three months on improving my Spanish... read more

 I have seen drastic improvement in my speaking skills and I now have much more confidence in handling client transactions for my team. Marcela accommodates for every learning style and was able to teach me through reading, speaking, and listening exercises.  I was challenged to converse about many different topics that not only allowed me to further my vocabulary, but guided me to begin thinking fully in Spanish. One of the hardest obstacles that I’ve experienced with a speaking a foreign language is getting your voice to trust what is stored in your brain. I was able to let go of inhibitions and push myself so much further with the support and direction of Marcela.  And to top it off, Marcela is such a kind person and really cares about your success.

I would recommend Marcela to anyone thinking about improving their foreign language skills, no matter what level.



Financial Advisor – THE HANSHAW GROUP


I wanted to learn Spanish for me and for my work. I have worked with clients in South America. Before, I could understand a little and speak very little... read more

 I thought learning Spanish would be difficult but I was wrong.  I started to study Spanish last year.  Now, I am surprised that I can read, understand and speak in Spanish.  There is still much to learn but now I can communicate.  I write letters in Spanish to my clients and they tell me my skills are good.  Marcela is a good professor that makes learning fun.  She teaches the skills that help you learn Spanish for use in real life.


Linda Galow

Audiologist & Clinical Research Manager



Marcela has been my Spanish professor for almost two years. Under her expert instruction I have made steady progress. She offers instruction that best serves the specific needs of each student... read more

She has designed for me a comprehensive curriculum that includes conversation, reading, and writing. Grammar, which can be tedious in some classes, is covered at an agreeable pace. She has informed me a few times about helpful online sources and activities in the area or abroad to advance my knowledge of Spanish. I plan to continue my studies with her for as long as possible. It is indeed a pleasure each week to go to her class. I recommend her to any person who wants to learn Spanish.


Dr. Linda Quintanilla

History Professor



What a great learning experience in studying with Marcela Anderson! She not only made learning Spanish exciting and fun, but she made it worthwhile while being professional at the same time... read more

“If someone wants to learn Spanish correctly but also be able to speak it easily in a conversation, then I highly recommend Marcela as the teacher that will enable a person to do so.”


Gregg Hutson 

President, Ambrose Resources



I took Spanish from Marcela. I started my lessons at work with another teacher... read more

We always heard Marcela’s class laughing and having a good time.  When I advanced to her class, I started to have fun learning Spanish too!  We go to places where we can practice our Spanish.  She is very patient, and doesn’t laugh at me even though every one else does!.


Kathy Hardy




I met Marcela in my company's classes 4 years ago, she taught us English. She was fun, well prepared for each class... read more

She had a lot of materials, encouraged every student to participate in class activities. We discussed everyday life, politics, sports extending our vocabularies, learning new grammar and repeating already studied.

After some time me and my friend asked Marcela for private Spanish classes. It was incredible. I started learning from scratch and was able to support small talk after three months. I could read news papers and understand most of it. I highly recommend Marcela as very professional open minded teacher.


Boris Kaminer

Software engineer

Moscow, Russia


I took English and Spanish classes with Marcela and would like to thank herfor instructive and entertaining lessons... read more

My fluency in English significantly improved and I finally acquired a solid basis in Spanish which I had failed to do since high school. Marcela is not only very good in explaining non-trivial grammar, but also able to help you break the language barrier and overcome various difficulties you can have speaking in a foreign tongue. Thank you, Marcela!.


Yaroslav Mironov

Software engineer

Moscow, Russia


From the day I stepped foot into Marcela's Spanish class, I knew I was in for something special. It's rare that you find an instructor who makes everything click... read more

Marcela has the uncanny ability to teach Spanish in a way that gives you the confidence that you can do it. Her teaching method is beyond just rote memorization of words, practice drills and conjugations. Marcela incorporates everyday life experiences into the Spanish language. This method of learning forces you to use Spanish in ways you never thought possible and before you know it, you’re actually truly speaking and understanding the language. Marcela is a true educator who has a grasp of both English and Spanish. I highly recommend Marcela if you want to learn to speak the Spanish language properly and holistically.

Penny H. Network Infrastructure Consultant USA


I have been a student of Marcela for a year. I started out taking classes at another language school for several weeks... read more

In three days with Marcela I learned more than I had in the weeks at the other school. Marcela’s teaching methods are great and build on each other. The homework, group conversations and class activities really helped reinforce the language. I visited Barcelona, Spain after taking her beginners level class after 8 months.   I was able to communicate enough and understand people to get around Barcelona. I had an awesome time truly experiencing the language there. It was so cool to talk to people and haggle to buy things in Spanish.

Marcela, in my opinion is the greatest Spanish teacher. You will learn so much in a short period of time. It’s up to you to continue immersing yourself in the language to become fluent.

Gail Morse Cruise Planner USA

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